Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show

Hot Sire List

ABS Global – Top Dollar Angus Qualified AI Sires
Angus / Red Angus Name
Angus Byergo Black Magic 3348
Byergo Titus 6340
Springfield Ramesses 6124
Byergo Boomer 6351
BAR R Jet Black 5063
Sydgen Enhance
Exar Stallion 7986
Thomas Edison 6764
Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
FF RITO 2Q26 OF 356H 9Q13
Flying V Transformer
FF Highwayman 4W10
Quaker Hill Firestorm 3PT1
Sidgen Fate 2800
Bubs Southern Charm AA31
Connealy Regulator
Cherry CRK Homestead D114 M
HA Cowboy Up 5405
K C F Bennett Southside
Mead Magnitude
SF Speedway A187
Connealy Southwind 6176
Haynes Outright 452
Baldridge Challenger
Red Angus HXC Big Iron 0024X
Jeffries Checotah 817C
HXC Jackhammer 8800U
HXC Allegiance 5502C
Beckton Epic R397 K
LSF Boxed Beef 9063W
Brown Premier X7876
Dubas Excellent Answer
LSF Bra No Worries 4657B
LSFR Jubilation 8X
LSF SRR Big Beef B630
Milwillah Marble Bar J53

Origen Sires
Angus / Red Angus Name
Angus CCA New Design A42
44 The Gipper 6025
2 S Top Ten
Basin Disclosure 6287
WAR Cavalry B063 Z044
MW DNAmite
FF Rito Righteous 6R41
V A R Heritage 5038
Stevenson Big League 70749
EXAR Epic 6072B
V A R Rubicon 5414
SPEC Johnny Cash 7019
Basin Payweight 107S
High Prime 4037
Bubs Southern Charm AA31
A & B Ferguson 6186R
SydGen Bullion
EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B
Red Angus Bieber Commissioner B599
Bieber Federation B544
Jacobson Indy 5063
TJS Buf Crk The Legend Z025
WEBR Rural Route 561