Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show


Two (2) ways to qualify for Top Dollar Angus:

a. Six (6) years of proven historical maternal sire data + current years calf crop sires
b. DNA results from one of the industry's leading DNA companies; GeneSeek or Zoetis

Provide a list of the registration numbers on both the bulls that sired the calf crop to be qualified, plus a list of the maternal grandsires of those calves. Include any A.I. sires you have used as well. These sires must average in the Top 25% of the Angus/Red Angus breed for the calf crop to be eligible for qualification into Top Dollar Angus.

Industry's Top AI qualifying Top Dollar Angus Sires
Angus / Red Angus Name
Angus AAR Ten X 7008 S A
Baldridge Jennings Z064
Basin Payweight 107S
Connealy Glory 4127
EXAR Hi-Tech
EXAR Rapture 5844B
GAR Sunrise R760
JMB Traction 292
K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y
Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
Rito 12E7 of 5F56 Rito 5M2
Rito 9Q20 of Rita 5F56 GHM
SAV Resource 1441
SAV Ten Speed 3022
Silveiras Conversion 3048
Sydgen Exceed 3223
VAR Discovery 2240
VAR Empire 3037
VAR Foreman 3339
WR Journey 1X74
Red Angus Bieber Deep End B597
Bieber Rreds Takeout 305A
Brown Heritage U6509
Brown Premier X7876
HXC Allegiance 5502C
HXC Declaration 5504C
HR2 Profitbuilder B403
LSF BRA No Worries 4657B
LSF SRR Sleep Easy 4083B
Paringa Iron Ore E27
Pelton Statement 225W